MTV Staying Alive Foundation (SAF) started in 1998 with a mission to stop the spread of HIV among young people before it starts.  There are two aspects to how SAF has made such a significant impact in this community.  Firstly, by producing ground-breaking mass-media campaigns that deliver vital HIV-prevention messaging to a young audience worldwide.  Secondly, by funding and training young leaders around the world so that they can deliver locally relevant HIV-prevention projects in their communities.  SAF established a grant giving program in 2005 and have now given out 538 grants in 66 countries, reaching 2.7 young million people directly with HIV prevention information through community based youth led HIV prevention projects.  SAF grantees have so far distributed 7 million condoms and tested more than 230,000 young people for HIV.  Viacom International Media Networks provides in-kind support every year and offers SAF exclusive use of the MTV brand and logo.  For more information visit

Goldman Sachs Gives reflects the firm’s culture of teamwork and collaboration – fueling great ideas, the advancement of leaders solving complex social issues, and the prosperity of individuals and communities globally. Since 2010, Goldman Sachs has committed over $1.4B to Goldman Sachs Gives, and the firm’s partners have recommended nearly 20,000 grants to 4,000 charities, impacting communities in more than 80 countries around the world.

John Levene has worked at Goldman Sachs for 18 years.  He and other Goldman Sachs partners have donated to SAF through grant recommendations from Goldman Sachs Gives, and clients of the firm have supported the organization, as well.  John is a board member of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation where he has been an active fundraiser leveraging his relationships in the finance industry.  John self funds all his grantee visits with MTV Staying Alive Foundation.



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